Effects of Teen Pregnancy Essay

Effects of Teen Pregnancy Essay

It is quite annoying for teenage girls to get pregnant as life becomes difficult for them as well as for their families. With the passage of time, a lot of cases regarding teenage pregnancy have been reported in the United States, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world. In their early years of life, teens must focus on their studies, but it is very unfortunate that they get involved in physical relationships, and the girls eventually get pregnant.

According to essaykitchen writing service when it comes to writing an essay on the teenage pregnancy effects, we should remember the following points to be assured of the quality of such an essay.

Effects on their education

Until or unless you do not know how it affects their education, it may not be possible for you to come up with an interesting essay. It is absolutely true that teenage girls who get pregnant do not focus on their studies. Their life becomes difficult, and many of them develop stress, depression, and anxiety. They feel hesitation to step out of the house and to attend the lectures, and this eventually impacts their studies to an extent.

Hormonal changes in their body

Health experts reveal that a lot of hormonal changes take place in the bodies of teens during pregnancy and at the time of the baby’s delivery. It can be hectic for them to manage day-to-day activities as they eventually lose their interest in life and do not enjoy it to the fullest. Sometimes the hormonal changes become so extreme that the teenage girls fall ill and are hospitalized.

Issues at home

Certainly, parents would never want to hear that their teenage girls are pregnant. They send them to schools for studies, and it is their responsibility to keep the trust of their parents maintained. However, in this delicate period, the teenage girls and boys get easily attracted toward one another, and many of them do not feel shy to satisfy their sexual desires. The girls who are considered the respect of their parents and brothers cause problems for the entire family with the news of their pregnancy.

The society we live in is full of negative-minded people, and no parent would ever want to be criticized with the news of their girl’s pregnancy. However, when it happens, both the parents and the teenage girls have to suffer as they are criticized by their neighbors, relatives, and friends. Eventually, it becomes quite difficult for them to live their life according to their requirements as every person they meet on the street seems to be criticizing them.

Writing essays on teenage pregnancy

When you remember these points, it will be easy for you to come up with a quality essay. You can mention some facts in the paper and support your arguments using a number of examples. It would be great if you can write the stories of a few teens’ lives and how they suffered during pregnancy. Make sure you do not mention their names or their city names in the essay as it is a matter of their respect and self-esteem.

When the essay has been written, the final step is to proofread it without using an automatic tool. Check the essay yourself and try to fix the grammar and spelling mistakes as soon as possible. Insert references and citation wherever needed.

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