Meet DEM Systems

Matt Parker

Project/ Operations Manager

Matt’s experience in the live events industry is centred around regular freelance employment predominantly in the corporate sector, taking him on a wide variety of shows: from product launches on the continent to conferences in top-class London venues.

Matt’s main area of expertise is in creative lighting design and project management, however in recently has broadened his area of work to the architectural sector. Starting as an intern at a lighting design consultancy and manufacturer based in Hertfordshire, Matt was charged with a project management role, designing and producing schemes for restaurants, bars, private residences and super-yachts across the world.

This experience has taught the key skills required in-order to project manage large teams of contractors, product delivery and client relations.

Matt’s role within DEM Systems as Project and Operations Manager is backed up with recent experience in managing working and current projects, where bespoke product design and manufacturing is involved. His skills gained will be invaluable to delivering our new and exciting product within budget and on-time.


Dave Shaw

Product Design and Development Engineer

Dave's Face

Dave joined the live event industry through school. Although his interest was initially in sound technology, it soon changed to lighting, which led to him volunteering with a small touring theatre group as a lighting technician. This continued for 4 years until he started University, where Dave has continued to take part in events and internal University projects to increase his knowledge base within his field.

His main area of expertise is in lighting technology and control system design, with experience ranging from small scale touring theatre to festivals and events. Through these, he has gained knowledge and a thorough understanding of lighting technology and other live event technologies.

Through his studies, extra-curricular research and other projects, Dave has gained an understanding of product design and manufacturing techniques. Programming skills, as well as physical and software design have also been gained.


Ella Ritchie-Purdie

Marketing and Research Manager

B'N'W headshot

Ella has been involved in the performing arts for a long time. Starting of as a dancer at her interests a young age, moved to the backstage area when she started assisting with stage management duties at her dance school, with her interest in lighting and lighting design sparked at the Roundhouse, London, where she was given the opportunity to design and operate the lighting for the Turning Point festival in 2009. Since then she has worked on a variety of different shows in a number of capatities, Lighting Designer and Crew Chief being two prominent roles

Ella’s main area of expertise lies in Lighting Design and Stage Management.